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earn money from YouTube 2021

We hear the success stories of many YouTubers how they have made a lot of money by making YouTube videos just by working from home. Yes! There are YouTubers but their number is very low. 

What many of us may not know is that about three hundred hours of video are being uploaded to YouTube every minute. So you have to understand that you have to beat a lot of competitors to be successful in this, and it is not an easy task at all. 

There are so many contradictions in this income from YouTube, some of them may have already made so much money that they are doing it all their lives even if they don't do anything else. Looking at others again, it is seen that they are earning income but the amount of income is so low that they may not be able to pay the rent properly.

So now the question is how much money do youtubers earn on average? You will find the answer to this question only when you have some idea about the five ways to earn YouTubers.

What is the income of YouTubers?

The five most common ways that YouTubers make money are advertising, affiliate links, donations, product sales, and sponsored videos. However, the matter of making this income, 'I edited and uploaded' is not like that at all. They have to work in such a way that their names reach many people at the same time and build their solid foundation on different platforms.

So how much do these YouTubers earn? The answer is that if they become more popular, the income will be much higher. Beauty-savvy YouTubers Jeffrey Starr and Jacqueline Hill currently have 12.7 million and 5.8 million subscribers, respectively. The revenue from their channel is 5 million and  1.5 million Dollars, respectively. On the other hand, Felix Kejelberg, who made YouTube videos about video games, is earning 12 million US dollars with 64 million subscribers.

The funny thing is that most YouTubers want to earn that much. It's a bit like you're acting in a school play and you're starting to think of yourself as Brad Pitt. According to a German research firm, only three-quarters of YouTube's most popular channels make about seventeen thousand dollars a year. While this income is not insignificant, it is not the amount that will allow you to quit your job and start making YouTube videos.

Let's take a look at the five ways that YouTubers usually make money.

Revenue from advertising

As a YouTuber it is a very basic and easy way to earn money. As you may already know, most YouTubers make money from video ads. This revenue comes mainly from the ads we see before and during the various YouTube videos. However, the amount of revenue from each ad is very much limited to Google itself. YouTubers may not even know how much he is earning from that particular ad. However, a preliminary idea is found that the revenue from one thousand views is about three to ten dollars.

And the funniest thing about YouTube is that once one of your videos becomes popular, it will continue to be your revenue as long as the video stays on your channel. As long as ads continue to be shown in your videos, you will continue to earn money.  earn money from YouTube

Most small and start-up channels usually make money this way and that is why it is called ‘an easy way to make money from YouTube’. You don't have to do anything different to show ads on your videos on YouTube. However, even if it is called an easy way, it is not as easy as it seems. You can't make money immediately by creating channels and uploading videos.

Because for this income your channel has to pass a qualification test. And that means your channel videos must have four thousand hours of viewing in the last one year and your channel must have one thousand subscribers. Also on YouTube your income will not come to your bank account until it is one hundred dollars.

Affiliate Marketing

Since the revenue from advertising is not always in a very attractive amount, YouTubers have come up with ways to make money in more creative ways. For this you have to go into a contract with a company, and they have to put the link of their product in your video description and tell you about their product in the video. Whenever someone clicks on that link and buys the product, you get a certain amount of money as commission. It benefits the company as well as you, as it sells their products as well as the marketing of their company.


The fans of the channel are also in the process of donating some money from their own pockets after watching your video on YouTube. This is done through a process called patron. This process has been created for new YouTubers to get funding for their channel from viewers.

Suppose you have opened a channel and you are not earning much from it. But in the meantime your channel's fans want you to continue making videos. And in that case they will give you a donation so that you can continue making videos. However, it is not usually possible to make a lot of money through these donations. And so this donation system can't make anyone rich overnight.

Make money by selling your own products

It usually happens that all youtubers have a lot of fans. Then by making T-shirts, key rings, bags etc. with the logo of that channel, it can be sold to the fans of the channel. Even so, many YouTubers are now making a lot of money.

Make money through sponsorship

This is one of the best ways to make money on YouTube channels that already have a lot of viewers and fans. Some companies will then pay you so that you mention that company in your video. Sometimes the company will pay you a lot of money so that you can make videos in a way that promotes the company. It's like you have a TV channel and someone is funding you to advertise there.

However, in order to make money in this way, you need to have a lot of views on the videos in your channel, because only then a company will be willing to fund you for their own promotional campaigns.

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