Blogger Google Adsense Approval Trick 2020

How to easily access AdSense fast ! Google Adsense Approval Trick 2020

We create a website and write nice posts, beautifully decorated. One of the first purposes is to make an ad show on our site through Google Ad-sense Approval.

So many people are  scared or worried about having this  Ad-sense Approval . I will tell you today a few points from my own experience, that when applied to your website points of 100%  Ad-sense Approval  will  .  However, the post may be a little bigger but I promise that in the end, reading the post will definitely benefit.

Here are some things you can do to make Ad-sense easier: - 01. Meta Keywords, Meta Descriptions (Meta Keyword, Meta Description )

01. Meta  keywords : -  Meta  keywords  are related to your site means that you wrote on your website that is related to that topic will have to set some keywords. As a result, if someone searches Google on that topic, your site will increase the likelihood of Google going to the first page.  To  set this meta  keyword you will enter the control panel of your website, then the theme will see an option.

Blogger google adsense approval tips blogspot

After clicking on this  Theme  option, click on Edit HTML option.

Then you can see all the code on your site is show here. Then write the following in the head section (<head>) and type the corresponding Relative 3 Relative keyword on your site between the two inverted commas.

"<meta content = "'name =' keywords' />"

Remember that, 20 to 30 keywords is enough. As you think your site posted online income related. Then type the keyword here.

""<meta content = 'make money online, how to make money online, passive income ideas, passive income, how to make passive income, how to make money, earn money online, work from home, how to make passive income online,' name = 'keywords' />"" etc.

Meta  Description - meta  description is related to your site  that  you post on the topic of your site on the topic, will write a brief description in English. The first one to write Meta Description is on the system shown above.

 "Theme → Edit HTML → <head> " In between

<meta content = 'Enter a description here   ' name = '' description '/>

As you think your site is online income related you can write here 

<meta content = 'This site you will find online income tips and tricks. So you ..........   'name =' 'description' /> Just I wrote to facilitate your understanding. You can write better than this.

02. Make Pages:  You  must create five pages for your website . The pages are:

If these five pages are not on your site then Ad-sense on your site will never be 100% guaranteed.

So to create these pages you will see at the bottom of your site's control panel Pages  there is an option. You can create these five pages by clicking on the Pages option.

03. No menu can be left blank: We create many menus for our site. But many do not add a link to this menu. As a result, if a visitor clicks on this menu, no page is opened. Which makes us a lot of trouble with Ad-sense Approach. So you'll create links to all the menus you create on your site. Delete the menu that is not required.

04. Number of posts: Many people may question whether  Ad-sense Approval  will happen if there are few posts on a website  . So as I said before, I am writing this from my own experience. So I applied to Ad-sense on my another website when the post number was 12: and within 7-8 days Ad-sense became available.

5. Post Regularly: Many people think that after applying in Ad-sense I will not post any more, unless Ad-sense  Approval  , then the trouble will  be futile. And these thoughts are the biggest mistake. So, from the day after applying on Ad-sense, you will post regularly until no response comes from Ad-sense.

Some Important rules for approval google ad-sense 

1. Don't  Copy paste 
2. Connect your website with social media 
3. Article word should be 600+ word
4. Gmail can not be associated with any other Ad-sense account

If you maintain all roles then you can get google ad-sense approval easily-thank you


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